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Thank you @brittle for doing fun and brave stuff and for having us join in …Thank you to the cast and crew and to Tribeca. Can’t wait to share this special project wider but for now here is a message from the ring leader herself :We have news to share that has warmed us – @circusperson was officially selected to world premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival! While we won’t be engaging live with audiences this April due to the event’s indefinite postponement, we stand in solidarity with Tribeca organizers in their decision to proceed safely for the benefit of all. We are fortunate to say we will always count Tribeca as part of our film family and are so proud to herald these laurels along with the unveiling of our poster, created by the brilliant Mikey Burey (@rivercousin). We were invited to the Tribeca New Online Work category and are excited to pitch our longer format project (an episodic film) at the (video conferenced) N.O.W. Creators’ Market.Circus folks have not only long epitomized the courage of the human spirit, but also showcased how family, chosen and given, can inspire us toward new horizons. May this same circus spirit find you and your loved ones connected in this moment of rest and safekeeping.#thankyoutribeca #tribecaNOW #tribeca2020 #circus #circusinspo #circuspersonfilm #youcanbewildtoo #areyouacircusperson?"

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When I read the script for #showponymovie by @meghanlennox I knew we wanted to treat some of the POV’s in the movie in a special way. I remembered having seen some images from @glaaascollective that were very inspiring. I did some research and found out that @agetime (whom I had worked with before) was behind the magic prisms and that sealed the deal ! We got a set of the prisms and put them to work on the movie. These are a few frames. Enjoy ! Check them out. Stay tuned for more images from the film later :)

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Hey everybody! EVE is going to Greece soon :) I am super happy and proud to see my wife @jbincalifornia doing what she loves, upside down on the poster for this festival ! If you don’t already, please follow our IG feed > @madeinhollywoodusa. That is the playground @jeffconsiglio and I play in ! We gather there (from time to time) with some “groovie” friends to make what we think is art that is not boring 🤪

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@madeinhollywoodusa. That is the playground @jeffconsiglio and I play in ! We gather there (from time to time) with some... View Article

Olha só quem está praticando Português! Posted @withrepost • @brazilianplayandlearn Nossa aluna de 8 anos estava esperando o irmão terminar seu treino de futebol. E o que ela ficou fazendo? AULA DE PORTUGUÊS! 🇧🇷 Esta foi uma sessão de 30 minutos. Trabalhamos conjugação dos verbos, com o foco em conversação. Parabéns para esta família querida que serve como exemplo de consistência – e também de amor pelo Brasil e pela língua portuguesa. Aliás, esta aluna é trilíngue e seu irmão, nosso aluno também, está caminhando para o aprendizado da quarta língua, o espanhol. É muito orgulho!️ Quer saber mais sobre sessões online? Entre em contato conosco! #criançabilingue #alfabetização #brasileirosnoseua #brasileirosnacalifornia #escoladeportuguês #plh #polh #vamosfalarportugues

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Thank you @villagevoice -"Papierniak and his director of photography, Alexandre Naufel, capture not just the invigorating beauty of the California sun but also its weight and brain-scrambling harshness" -"Holding it all together — coursing through it like a downed but crackling power cable — is Davis, her piercing blue eyes pinched up in frustration or darting about in their sockets in a panic too persuasive to be cleanly comic. The performer wields exquisite control over the character’s recklessness"#IzzyGetsIntoTheatres #mackenziedavis #christianpapierniak

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