the outdoorsmen: blood, sweat & beers

Official Trailer for “The Outdoorsmen: Blood, Sweat & Tears” Directed by Scott Allen Perry Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2005 2005 Comedy/Documentary, Runtime: 90 minutes
 Written by Scott Allen Perry & Dan White Cinematography by Alexandre Naufel “The Outdoorsmen” is the affectionate term for the grueling, all-day competition consisting of 15 physical challenges performed while taking in a constant stream of beer and attempting to fend off both physical exhaustion and major intoxication. With results that can be equally humorous and cringe-worthy, the annual “Outdoorsman” event stands apart as a true original in the world of competitive events”. Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide Official Selection of: Tribeca, Austin, B-Side Roadshow, Santa Fe, Dead Center, Rome International…

Once a year, an exclusive group of men travels to a top-secret location somewhere in the wooded mountains of Washington State to compete in an all-day event they call The Outdoorsmen. They battle their way through a series of events that combine physical challenges with high-speed beer chugging.

For the past 14 years, this dedicated group has competed relentlessly to bask in the glory of winning the coveted title of Outdoorsmen Champion. As we examine the lives and friendships of the “Veteran” and “Newbie” Outdoorsmen, we discover a tradition of male bonding and whole-hearted dedication to a competition that pushes its players through events like DEATH RACE 3000, THE HATCHET TOSS, and BLIND MAN’S BEER.

Braving freezing waters, treacherous riverbeds, and the rapid consumption of over 30 cases of beer, the Outdoorsmen revel in the rush of adrenaline they get out of this once a year break from the responsibilities of the 9 to 5 world. These men get to be responsible parents, husbands, and co-workers for 362 days a year, but for one weekend they reach back to recapture their youth and cherish the camaraderie of their fellow Outdoorsmen.

Festivals screened at include:
Tribeca Film Festival
Austin Film Festival
B-Side Roadshow
Santa Fe Film Festival
Dead Center Film Festival
Rome International Film Festival


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