Clown Nose Theory

The future of a Fortune 500 company hangs in the balance as a battle of wills plays out in a tense standoff between the forces of greed and a soft spongy red ball.

Clown Nose Theory
directed by Ned Farr
Starring: Jeff Sugarman, Deacon Conroy, Nick Stabile, Alice Rietveld, Kathe Mazur, Shishir Kurup, William Charlton
It's the last meeting before the CEO of a Fortune 500 company makes the decision that will determine the future of his company. The 'bold new direction' his team presents seems like a slam dunk for the company. A young executive, the lone voice of dissent, is ignored until he puts into practice an odd form of self-help, that not only gets everyones attention, but also provokes thought, chaos, confessions, and a rethinking of what is actually funny.


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